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Today, the timely completion and cost of a project has become an important issue for companies. This is possible if companies use their resources more effectively. While companies write the main core part of the software they focus on, outsourcing the generic parts also provides cost advantage and time performance.

As CodeHouse, we meet your qualified software developer needs, which are needed by all sectors, within our company. In order for the projects in your company not to be interrupted, we outsource software companies with our software developers at all levels. Thus, while software companies write the main part of their software, they do not have to employ staff to print the general parts, and they also optimize project costs and project durations.

Expert Hire

In line with the request of the companies, we also provide temporary staff rental service. It meets the competent IT personnel in the shortest time, so that you can quickly meet your instant personnel needs, and you will not miss other business opportunities that come your way.


As everyone knows, all sectors need software. However, not every company has its own software department. At this point, as CodeHouse, we analyze the needs of companies and meet your software needs as soon as possible by our professional team.

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